Choosing To Develop Through Education

Choosing To Develop Through Education

Time Management For The Online Student

Soham Berry

While serving in the military, you may find it difficult to make time to attend college. An online university for military personnel can be much easier to handle than a physical college, but you will still need to find ways to manage your time effectively so you can perform well in school. 

Understand the Challenges of an Online Course

One of the major differences between online college and traditional colleges is that online college requires that you have much more self-determination. When you are in a college classroom, you have an instructor who will typically not put as much pressure on you to get your work done, compared with a high school teacher. You simply suffer the consequences of poor grades. However, you are even more dependent on yourself when attending an online college. 

Login to Your Class as Soon as Possible

One of the challenges is that you have full control over when you are in the classroom. When you visit a traditional classroom, you at least need to pay attention while you are in the class. You may be expected to participate in discussions. However, it's easy to skip over your online classes. To avoid making this mistake, login to your class as soon as possible. This will not only get you in the habit of not putting off your classwork, but will also cause you to make a good impression with your instructor.

Cut Unnecessary Activities from Your Life

In order to be able to handle your workload, you will need to learn time management skills. This is best accomplished by finding out those activities that take up a lot of your time and cutting them out. If you're struggling to transition into being a student, make sure to start off as a part-time student so that you can become more accustomed to taking more classes over time.

Login Frequently

You might be tempted to only login when assignments are due. However, keep in mind that things might change. A professor might have forgotten to include a portion of an assignment, for example. To make sure that you're always logging in regularly, set an alarm for a certain time of the day. Then, whenever the alarm goes off, sign in and login to your classroom. With consistency, you'll stay on top of your assignment, be able to get more out of your class, and have a better academic record.


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