Choosing To Develop Through Education

Choosing To Develop Through Education

3 Ways To Embrace Spring With Your Preschool Class

Soham Berry

As the weather starts to change, make sure that you take this opportunity to embrace spring and teach your preschool class about the magic of new growth, plants, and flowers.

Create a Play Garden Outside

Take a space outside and create a play garden. Fence off a small area, and plant a few real plants in the garden with your students. Provide them with buckets and shovels, and allow them to dig and plant seeds in the garden, water the garden, and pull the weeds in the garden. Teach them about how to take care of a garden, and allow them to grow and explore how to take care of some plants. The plants may thrive or flounder – either way, use them as learning experiences to teach your students what plants need.

Grow Green Beans Inside

One of the easiest vegetables to grow with your students are green beans. They are easy to grow and are a great way to teach your students about the life cycle of plants.

There are a few ways to grow green beans with your students. You can put the seeds on damp cotton balls, and put the cotton balls in a glass jar where they will get a lot of sunlight. As the peas grow, your students will be able to see the roots and sprout come out of the seed. You can also put seeds inside of a damp cloth, inside of a plastic bag, and hang the bags on a window in your room. This will also allow your students to watch and see their green beans grows.

Once the plants get larger, you can help your students transplant the plants into the soil, and either send the plants home with your student or continue to care for them in your class until there are some vegetables for your students to enjoy.

Nature Walks

Take your students on walks around the neighborhood where your preschool is located. Take a walk right at the end of winter/beginning of spring, and talk about how none of the trees have leaves on them right now. Then, take a few more walks throughout the spring, each time discussing what new growth that you see with your students. Talking regular walks, and talking about what you see when you go on walks together, is a great way for your children to see, experience, and think about the changes taken place around them in nature.

This spring, take your class on walks and allow your students to grow their own plants, flowers, and vegetables. Help your students discover the magic of new life in the spring. Contact a company like Learning Tree Schools for more information and assistance. 


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