Choosing To Develop Through Education

Choosing To Develop Through Education

How to Get Your Child Ready for the SAT

Soham Berry

Do you remember taking the SAT when you were in high school? You may have even taken it more than once! No matter how many times you took it, it was probably not an experience that you anticipated with delight. That's probably how your high school student is feeling, too. From early preparation to getting SAT tutoring, here are some ideas on how you can help your college-bound son or daughter to get ready for the SAT.

Early Preparation

Think of things your child can do from even the beginning of his or her middle school experience through his or her early high school years.

Keep several dictionaries in strategic places. For example, keep one in the kitchen, another one in the family room and yet another one right by your child's bed.

Have you ever heard of people who literally read the dictionary? Think about having time when you and your family members read while having snacks. If that doesn't sound logical to you, then at least encourage your son or daughter to look up new words every day. 

Also, think about buying commercially published SAT preparation books, too. Besides your child's regular homework, encourage him or her to work on the preparation book as often as possible.

Get Help

Think about hiring somebody to do SAT tutoring. As you check out your child's grades at school you might be concerned that he or she is not going to be successful in passing the SAT. On the other hand, your student might be doing great at school, but you're concerned that he or she won't do well with a timed test. A SAT tutor will have the experience and the training to prepare your child to take the test in a way that might help him or her to get a higher score on the text.

Think about hiring a tutor to come right to your home, saving you time and gasoline. If you think your child will do better at a SAT tutoring center, go with that choice.

Way before the SAT even takes place, help your child to relax. After all, being stressed out about taking the test may not be the best thing to achieve a good score. In addition, for several days before the test, be sure that he or she gets plenty of sleep so that he or she will be rested for the test.


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