Choosing To Develop Through Education

Choosing To Develop Through Education

How To Involve Your Child In Extracurricular Activities

Soham Berry

Is your child entering middle school or high school? If so, part of the fun for your child will be to be a part of the extras that schools provide. After all, while subjects like math, science, and history are important, being in extracurricular public school programs might help to make your child a more well-rounded person. Here are some ideas on how to involve your child in extracurricular activities while they attend public school.

Focus On Your Child's Interests - Visit with your child to determine what they actually want to do for their extracurricular activities. 

Before you and your child talk about what they want to do, find out from the school what activities are available. For example, your child's school might have a Spanish club where they can meet with other kids who are in their Spanish class. Is your child athletic? If so, find out which sports are available.

Be careful that your child doesn't get overly ambitious by signing up for too many extracurricular activities. After all, there will be homework and family activities, too.

Go Forward With Your Plan - After you and your child have determined which extracurricular activities they will join, there's still more to do.

Find out when practices and other meetings will be held. Make sure that you will be available to chauffeur your child or set up a carpool until they are able to drive.

If your child is in a public school athletic program, there will more than likely be expenses for uniforms and sports equipment. Decide who will pay for the items that your child needs. For example, you may pay for their basic uniform and basic equipment. But you may decide that they will pay for extras that he doesn't really need.

Remember that even if your child doesn't elect to be in athletics, it may still be fun for them to attend sports functions like the basketball games and football games that are held at home or even in another town nearby.

After your child gets established in their extracurricular activities, keep good communication going to see how they are enjoying the activity. Remember that these extracurricular activities are supposed to add fun to your child's life and you should never force them to participate. If you see that your child is overburdened, consider trying a new activity for the next semester or next year of school.


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